If you set high standards, then you have come to the right place. With our unique finishing concept, your satisfaction is guaranteed. We deliver you a fully finished holiday home. One that fulfils your wishes when it comes to layout, fixtures and fittings. Thanks to our extensive range of high-quality materials.

Optimal comfort

If you want to buy a holiday home, then you should seriously consider your purchasing decision. A lot of people are swayed by price and location. But they often forget that the quality of the home determines whether you are actually satisfied or not. If the contractor obliges you to build according to his wishes, then you will never really enjoy your holiday home. And that is surely not the idea! But if you choose for a unique project such as Castle Garden then you are choosing for your dream house on a unique location. And the level of comfort inside enables you to enjoy the lovely valley outside without a care. 

Wide choice of materials 

We offer a wide range of solid, beautiful materials. Our standard selection includes the latest trends in flooring.  You will notice that we only offer class and style. And as an esteemed major contractor we are assured of the best materials from our suppliers. So that you can make your holiday home into a palace – your palace.

Electricity heating

We equipe every holiday home with a unique heating system. The innovative system we have selected guarantees the best performance and is highly environmentally friendly. With your own heating system, you control the heating costs of your holiday home. What’s more, the thermostat in each space can be controlled centrally. Our innovative heating system quickly heats the rooms, without compromising on space. 

High-quality bathroom

Our designers have gone all out to devise a wonderful bathroom for you. The fabulous bathroom furniture designed exclusively for Castle Garden is dazzling.For the shower, you can choose between a walk-in shower with or without a door. The bathroom is tiled to the ceiling. A bathroom that is not only beautiful but practical, too. Heat, moisture and condensation can be hard on materials. Working with top brands such as Gessi enables us to guarantee you a bathroom that will still be looking wonderful after years of extensive use.

Special features and modifications

It is possible to opt for special features in your holiday home, as long as they fit in with the concept of Castle Garden. Any modifications to material choices are first submitted to the architect. You, the buyer, will be shown the modifications within seven working days. We will accommodate your wishes as soon as they have been approved.

If you would like to see some plans for the Castle Garden project our architect would be pleased to supply you with them.