Financial facts

You buy a holiday home

If you are buying a country home, you are most likely to want to come and enjoy it yourself. Naturally, this is an investment you will want to consider carefully. Useful tip: the Grand Duchy of Luxemburg has favourable tax laws. There is no death duty payable there and no declaration of second residence. For financing your home, we recommend the Bank BIL in Wiltz.  The contract of sale including resolutory clauses and the purchase contract will be drawn up by a notary in Luxemburg City.

You rent out your holiday home

Perhaps you have already thought about renting out your holiday home? It’s an excellent idea. One that also generates income. With a good rental agreement, you can achieve a return of approximately 4%. If you would like to rent out a holiday home but can’t be bothered with the financial administration, then let us handle (part of) your rentals. 

Always ready to assist you

There are a lot of both financial and practical issues involved in purchasing a country home. We are fully aware of this and are therefore ready to assist you, both on site and in Belgium or the Netherlands. 

  • Detailed, transparent advice on operational and financial affairs (including income and expenditure analysis with revenue calculation)
  • Assistance in the purchase of the property (up to signature at the notary’s)
  • Supervision and coordination of the entire building process (up to delivery)
  • Supervision of the rental and management of your holiday home
  • Furnishing your holiday home