Cultural heritage

The Castle of Bourscheid

The Castle Garden country homes are located in a valley surrounding the Castle of Bourscheid. Today's castle used to be a stronghold. Archaeologists have found traces from the Ottonic, Carolingian, Merovingian and Roman eras. Until the beginning of the sixteenth century, the structure – with towers, outbuildings and moats – was well maintained. With the death of the last lord of the Bourscheid family, in 1512, the castle began to fall into disrepair.

In 1936 the State of Luxemburg had some renovation work done. It was then declared a national monument. Archaeological research and the archives of the Friends of Bourscheid Castle have considerably extended knowledge of its history. A visit to the castle is well worth the effort. 

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Napoleon’s tree

On the plateau of Bourscheid is a lovely tree, originally planted by… Napoleon. He had it planted to mark the birth of his son, chiefly out of guilt, as he was away on a campaign when he was born. The German occupiers felled the Napoleonsbeemchen in 1940. A year later, the villagers planted another one.

Napoleon’s tree stands in the middle of a magnificent plateau at a height of 505 metres, looking out over the wonderful countryside. From a specially erected panorama platform, you can admire a view that stretches almost into infinity.

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