Your fairytale landscape

Unspoiled woody countryside

‘Castle Garden is situated in Bourscheid, a municipality in the north of Luxemburg. It has an area of 3,686 hectares, including 22 hectares of woodland. Escape from the pressure of daily life. With a population of just 1,326, the village is an oasis of calm. Bourscheid is in the canton of Diekrich, which includes six other municipalities.

A gem, set in the countryside away from mass tourism

So what is the big advantage of the Luxemburg Ardennes? There is plenty to do, but you don’t have to do anything. You are sure to find perfect peace, leaving all stress behind you.  Listen to the babbling brooks. Catch the reflection of the sun off the surface of the water. These are just two of the elements that make your holiday unforgettable. And do you know what makes Bourscheid extra appealing? That there is no mass tourism. No hustle and bustle; just the calm you long for.

Pleasant climate with plenty of sun

Thinking about a holiday? Then you are doubtless also thinking about sun. And there is plenty in Bourscheid. The weather station in Clervaux, which carries out the measurements for the northern part of Luxemburg, registers plenty of sun hours. An average of 1,754 a year - more than Brittany, Normandy and Brussels!